SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy Game Free Download Torrent
SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy — it is worth going through history just for the sake of virtual currency, which is used to buy cosmetic items. All the heroines have three suits standard is given for free, as well as a huge number of various accessories. Hats, coloring for faces, decorations on the back, trinkets for arms and legs — lovers of customizing the appearance of the characters can spend the whole evening to create the perfect version of all the heroines. Using this currency, you can unlock all sorts of images, and for the «plot» they will give unlimited access to all videos and sound files, but this is completely stupid content.

Endless Space 2 Penumbra v1.4.9 - CODEX

Endless Space 2 Penumbra Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Endless Space 2 Penumbra — when it was created, the developers were inspired by the Cultists faction from Endless Legend. It turned out a race sharpened for real tall gameplay, suggesting intensive development in a small number of highly developed systems, which is already a kind of challenge. The main feature of The Umbral Choir — espionage is a high-tech observation of opponents and the use of hacking systems mechanics to obtain various advantages, quite different from the mechanics of espionage from Civilization that is outdated in space times.

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Hell Warders v1.0 - PLAZA

Hell Warders Game Free Download Torrent
Adventure game Hell Warders is a great way to have fun and enjoy your time with your friends. Legions of demons and fiends of darkness attacked your home world, but you can assemble a team of like-minded people and fight back against terrible creatures together. The game Hell Warders is designed for the cooperative passage of a team of players, which includes four people. Your main task is to win, but this can be done only if you not only actively use your skills, but also actively interact in a team. And in order to cover your rear from the enemy, you can use special magic towers that will help you in difficult times.

TerraTech v1.0.2.8 - SKIDROW

TerraTech Game Free Download Torrent
TerraTech is a new sandbox-constructor in which you can create different machines, explore planets, gather resources and fight against your competitors and hostile inhabitants of the planet. In the game, just a huge amount of various details for the creation of transport, including various weapons. This all reveals almost limitless possibilities for creativity, which will be very appealing to all the amateurs of the designer. In the game you fly to the planet, collect useful resources and send to Earth. But the struggle for resources is tough, the corporations GSO and GeoCorp will interfere with you, and you have to fight. Destroying the opponent’s car, you can use its details and, thus, improve your car. Battles and mechanics in the game at a high level, that’s why, even before the final version, the game is so popular.

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JUMP Force v1.01 (Ultimate Edition) - CODEX

JUMP Force Game Free Download Torrent
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Jump Force — a rather interesting announcement of the game, which offers fans of animated universes to fight in a new fighting game. The uniqueness of this game project is that now several universes will immediately be merged into one and users will have the opportunity to fight for a variety of characters. It is already known that in the game adventure characters from such anime as One Piece, Naruto and even Death Note will fight. While the gameplay was not shown at the conference, but fans are confident that this will be a great fighting game.

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Devotion v1.0.3 - CODEX

Devotion Game Free Download Torrent
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Devotion is a very difficult horror project, a game in which you will have to face the horrors of a religious cult, blood, nightmares, and darkness. You are waiting for adventure, because of which your whole world can turn upside down. The plot of the game tells the story of a girl named Amanda. For a long time she had not heard anything about her father, the owner of a certain hotel. But now, five years later, Amanda suddenly receives a letter from her father. In it, the father asks to arrive at the hotel.

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Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown v20.02.2019 + Crack FIX - CPY

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown Game Free Download Torrent
Ace Combat 7 is a game series, which many not only liked, but also allowed to enjoy the whole epic scale of air battles without any problems. In the game, each user became a professional pilot and sat down to control various airborne equipment, which they drove from all over the world. The game had a storyline, the possibility of multiplayer confrontation and at the same time was an exclusive for gaming consoles. At first, no one knew where the developers had gone.

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ElectriX Electro Mechanic Simulator v0.6 (upd.20.02.2019)

ElectriX Electro Mechanic Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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ElectriX Electro Mechanic Simulator is a puzzle simulator in which players repair various electronic devices, from smartphones and portable consoles to quadcopters and drones. Simulator repair electronic equipment, where there is an interesting plot with a shadow plot. We have to repair modern and outdated electronic devices, including game consoles, computers, mobile phones and more. During the work, you will find yourself in the center of a shadow plot, and only your skills and knowledge can help you.

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Green Hell v0.4.3 (upd.19.02.2019) - SKIDROW

Green Hell Game Free Download Torrent
Green Hell — the events of the surreal action game Green Hell from the company Creepy Jar unfold in the deep jungle of the Amazon, where the human foot has not trod. Actually, because of its obscurity for people, this place was called a green hell. Probably, even because everyone who came into these thickets did not return back. The game is a traditional representative of survival-action with the open world. The game is exclusively single. It has two modes: plot and free. In the plot we will reveal for ourselves the character of the protagonist, and we will also receive information about why he nevertheless arrived in the jungles of the Amazon. Free mode is pure sand-box «survival» with random generation of some objects.

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Treadnauts v1.00 (upd.19.02.2019)

Treadnauts Game Free Download Torrent
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Treadnauts is a fantasy-style game where you enter a two-dimensional universe to become part of the dynamic battles between powerful tanks. The game is designed for multiplayer passage, where you can have a great time in the company of your friends, having gathered in a team of up to four people. There is a fairly simple graphics, but very impressive visual elements, as well as the most dynamic gameplay, which is completely based on physical interaction. To begin with, you will have the opportunity to choose for yourself a suitable tank, on which you will go to meet your adventures.