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Hell Warders v1.0 - PLAZA

Hell Warders Game Free Download Torrent
Adventure game Hell Warders is a great way to have fun and enjoy your time with your friends. Legions of demons and fiends of darkness attacked your home world, but you can assemble a team of like-minded people and fight back against terrible creatures together. The game Hell Warders is designed for the cooperative passage of a team of players, which includes four people. Your main task is to win, but this can be done only if you not only actively use your skills, but also actively interact in a team. And in order to cover your rear from the enemy, you can use special magic towers that will help you in difficult times.

TSIOQUE v1.1.5 (upd.21.02.2019) - PLAZA

TSIOQUE Game Free Download Torrent
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TSIOQUE is an extremely interesting computer adventure in the open spaces of which you will undergo quite complex, but equally interesting tasks, which will be difficult to cope with at the same time, but you will get great pleasure from the realization that you have coped with this task yourself and not even climbed to answer the Internet. But the developers have relied not even on this, but on interesting characters with whom you just have to get acquainted, because this is the way you will be able to complete this game, because it is strongly tied to the dialogues and finding the right items. As the main character stands a young lady who is hiding in the expanses of an abandoned castle.

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Ages of Mages The last keeper v1.0 - PLAZA

Ages of Mages The last keeper Game Free Download Torrent
Ages of Mages The last keeper — the kingdom is under attack, and the princess is taken. Can our four magicians take charge of the Guardian and revive the era of magicians. Third-person shooter defeating them with RPG and Rogue-Lite elements. 4 types of magicians, each with its own characteristics. 20 chopsticks, each wand has different magician skills. Skill tree, unlocking your powerful magic. Randomly generated dungeons, 7 chapters, 38 stages, 14 boss fights, up to 4 local players, as well as a single player option. 4 cute mage, each with its own characteristics. Some attacks are strong, some are strong, some are fast, and some can heal. Ice magicians refuse to accept. Nature’s Magician roars: I can buy one, get one. The lightning magician laughs without saying a word, believe me, I can simplify everything. Every mage has a rich skill tree. unlock your powerful magic. Explore the treasures in randomly generated dungeons.

Rocket League v1.58 (McLaren 570S Car Pack) - PLAZA

Rocket League Game Free Download Torrent
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What if you combine incompatible? What happens if you combine car racing and football? Get an exciting game «Rocket League». You can control a powerful car on a large playing field. Your task is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal. Do it with your car. Carrying out the most dangerous tricks, you will compete with other racers who will also try to score the ball into your goal. The one who will score more goals will win. The network game will allow you to connect up to 8 players, thereby making the game 4 to 4. Your choice is a huge number of different cars with the option of tuning. Also, you are waiting for various routes, each of which has its own characteristics, which you need to get used to.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance v1.8.2 - CODEX

Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
If you are free to list all the games in the medieval setting and for this you will have five fingers of one hand, then you definitely want to download from the torrent Kingdom Come Deliverance — a real mediaeval action to the brain of the bone, in which there are no orcs, magic, meticulous elves and other creatures. Dirt, pigs, knights, yelp of steel, cries of the fallen — all this horror suffices in the presented game on the computer. It is worth noting that the presented game is entirely devoted to the themes of the Middle Ages as much as possible in principle. The main place of action is Bohemia, which at the moment is part of the Czech Republic.

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Soul Grabber v1.0 (upd.18.02.2019) - PLAZA

Soul Grabber Game Free Download Torrent
Soul Grabber is a fun and dynamic game. Here you have to go to a very dangerous world for battles and conquests, where you will constantly face an endless number of rivals. The main goal is to save this beautiful world from the adherents of the enemy force, and for this you will need a lot of power and time. Go to dark and full of dangers dungeons, which have the feature to change randomly, which greatly diversifies your passage. Also on your way you will constantly encounter dangerous traps and other obstacles, so try to be as careful as possible in moving along one location or another. Mighty knights and demons will constantly stand in the way of your goal, and you must take any action to defeat opponents as quickly as possible. Go to the world of action, try in every way to improve the abilities of the protagonist, and do not forget to explore each location. There will also be more than enough bosses, and before the battles in blue, replenish your combat arsenal and improve your knowledge.

Eastshade v1.07 - PLAZA

Eastshade Game Free Download Torrent
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Eastshade is as such an adventure walking simulator in which you will travel across the vast expanses of a beautiful island called the East Shade. The plot revolves around an ordinary artist, who managed to get on one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. The island of East Shade is replete with all kinds of waterfalls, green plains, beautiful mountains, wildlife and animals that cannot be found on any of the continents. You will wander through it in the role of an ordinary artist for your own pleasure, and no limits for you — just a journey.

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Fall of Light v1.5 (Darkest Edition) - PLAZA

Fall of Light Game Free Download Torrent
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Fall of Light is a dark adventure RPG in which you will play for an already elderly knight who is trying to show his daughter the last remnants of light. You will find a difficult path through the darkness and horror, but reliable to save the world does not allow you to retreat. Well-designed characters, an interesting world for research and, at first glance, a trite story, the eternal struggle of light and darkness, good and evil, will surely surprise you. Find the right weapon for your fighting style, and try to destroy all the enemies who will be on your way. And, of course, protect your daughter, because she is your ray of light, in this terrible darkness.​

Destroy The World v1.0.1 (upd.16.02.2019) - PLAZA

Destroy The World Game Free Download Torrent
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Destroy The World — arcade game in the genre of action, where there are RPG elements. You will take control of a rather strange and slightly insane pink creature named Bam-bam. The thing is that it is very insidious and intends to destroy everything that only to meet on its way. In the destruction of the world and you will have to help him. You will be able to destroy the tallest buildings, uproot trees, smash cars. You even have the hotel to take into your own hands the power of power stations, which will help you destroy global tracts of land. Your power will allow you to melt the ice and ignite the flame. Take care of the total destruction of all cubs seals.

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DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders - PLAZA

DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders Game Free Download Torrent
DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Readers — a game based on the animated film How to Train Your Dragon 3. Players will have to complete various levels with the help of two heroes, at which various tests, puzzles and of course enemies will wait for you. Is an action adventure game based on the license of the popular How to Train Your Dragon series of animated films. The game was developed by the Climax Studios team and released by Outright Games. The story told in Dragons Dawn of New Riders begins with how Havenholm Island is attacked by an ominous Eyra. He may face two main characters, Scrabbler, suffering from amnesia, and Patch, a unique chimeragon dragon with previously unknown abilities.