Astroneer v1.0.6 (upd.16.02.2019) - CODEX

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The game Astroneer from the studio System Era, consisting of former employees 43 Industries, Valve, Disney, Ubisoft, instantly develops interest not only thanks to developers, their former merits, among which, for example, the legendary Halo series. It attracts attention with its somewhat cartoon 3D graphics, based on the Unreal 4 engine, and an excellent idea. The plot is sent to the 25th century. And you know, it's not bad there. People have learned to fly inexpensively in space, now it is publicly available. And many travelers of the future want, like their colleagues from the past and the present, wealth and glory!

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Destroy The World v1.0.1 (upd.16.02.2019) - PLAZA

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Destroy The World — arcade game in the genre of action, where there are RPG elements. You will take control of a rather strange and slightly insane pink creature named Bam-bam. The thing is that it is very insidious and intends to destroy everything that only to meet on its way. In the destruction of the world and you will have to help him. You will be able to destroy the tallest buildings, uproot trees, smash cars. You even have the hotel to take into your own hands the power of power stations, which will help you destroy global tracts of land. Your power will allow you to melt the ice and ignite the flame. Take care of the total destruction of all cubs seals.

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The Ballad Singer v1.0 - SKIDROW

The Ballad Singer Game Free Download Torrent
Ballad Singer is an adventure with game book codes. If you don’t like reading, go your own way, because you’ll have to read and make the right choice not to see your 4 heroes die. In this interactive game you have to forge the fate of Hesperia through the stories of four different adventurers in a fantasy world fully narrated and illustrated. First you have to start your story with Ancoran, the archer or Leon, the magician who owns the elements, very important information, because according to your characters your choice will be logical and decisive. When the prologue is ready, you will have access to two other characters. Warrior Bard, Daragast or the killer of Ankalimo.

Zombie Killing Simulator v15.02.2019

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Zombie Killing Simulator — this is a kind of collection of mini-games, dedicated, in fact, to killing zombies. For example, here you can find FPS-survival, where enemies appear in waves, and you need to stretch as long as possible. There is also a top-down shooter option associated with shooting the walking dead. Another available option is the construction of a fort, which later will have to be defended from the hordes of the enemy. And the cherries on the cake are fun modes — like a football penalty, where it’s not so important to get in the goal, how to blow the zombie goalkeeper’s head with a ball. In different types of carnage, the review varies — from first or third person, with different goals and tools.

Dragon Cliff v15.02.2019

Dragon Cliff Game Free Download Torrent
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Dragon Cliff is an open-world adventure role-playing game, stylized as retro. Her entourage and sound remind of the best representatives of the classics. A concept and mechanics are made quite modern, and nicely contrasted with the content. A special feature of the project is a nontrivial combat system that combines step-by-step battles and a rage meter scale — when filled, the character will automatically perform a unique, destructive attack. A gamer creates a team of several heroes, which he sends to a dangerous expedition, promising not only threats, but also treasures. A choice of 25 specifications, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses and skills. The variability of loot and development allows you to tune the fighter to perform any tasks, and gives a wide scope for tactics. It will be possible to fight both with people and with mythical monsters — there are more than 200 species in total, waiting in seven different locations.

Project Warlock v1.0.0.3 - GOG

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Project Warlock is a game project presented to the world in the strategy genre, where all actions will take place in real time, and you will have to go into an unusual three-dimensional space. This is the second part of the popular game, where you have to go into an unusual world and interact with objects to accomplish this or that goal. You will play the role of a brave and powerful warrior who will take control of the army and bring it to victory, passing through many obstacles and fighting with crowds of rivals.

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Dawn of Man v0.7.4 (upd.19.02.2019) - SKIDROW

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Dawn of Man is a strategy game where you go to a large historical world to fight for your own life. The adventure spans more than ten thousand years of history related to human development. Here your main task will be to establish and then develop the settlement. You will control the settlement of the first modern people, leading them through the centuries and trying to fully develop. I went to explore the world, to get as much useful resources as possible, and also to find a suitable place for the construction of the city. The environment will often become your enemy, but in many cases it will help you to achieve your goal. Turn to the hunt to get food for your settlement.

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Forebearers v1.1168 - SKIDROW

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Forebearers — game project which is an excellent representative of the genre of the simulator, where you have to go on a long journey through the vast world. Your responsibilities will include the construction of the city, which you must develop in every way. He will cope with a similar task and is so difficult, and in addition you will be disturbed by various supporters of evil. Here you will fight for your life and for the life of your city, using a variety of methods. You will assume the role of the head of a small tribe, which, as you progress, will also develop. The story tells that the inhabitants of some lands had to leave their home, and now they are looking for the most safe haven. You will develop and build a new settlement from scratch, taking control of all aspects of the activity.

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Woodpunk v1.02.06 - SKIDROW

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Woodpunk is an adventure action bagel in the entourage of the Middle Ages. You play as a genius scientist who managed to create a robot that creates different weapons. Actually, the main idea of the game will be tied to the variety of weapons and their modeling. The developers already promise more than 1000 variations! Add to this a completely destructible world and get a tooth-shattering action.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 v3.6.36.3440 - CODEX

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To the exciting game Divinity Original Sin 2 was able to come out in full, the creators of the platformer presented it on the Kickstarter site. It is here that igrodely get the opportunity to realize all their ideas. The result depends entirely on gamers — will they evaluate the submitted project. In order to translate their ideas into reality, Lardian’s gameplayers need five hundred thousand dollars. This is how much it takes to provide additional opportunities in the game. The project base has already been financed by the developers. Preliminary campaign to raise funds will significantly improve the game. As for the project, it is an RPG in which a gamer needs to take part in turn-based battles. For this, two modes have been introduced — cooperative and competitive.

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