Medieval Kingdom Wars v1.08 (upd.09.02.2019) - SKIDROW

Medieval Kingdom Wars Game Free Download Torrent
Medieval Kingdom Wars is an advanced RTS, which takes place during medieval Europe. Military conflicts are commonplace at that time. Possessing good strategic thinking, one could achieve significant victories and earn a name for oneself. You will be given a strategically important piece of land. Build cities, lead wars, besiege castles and bring victory to the king! In Medieval Kingdom Wars you will find a complex survival system, requiring attention to all the minor nuances of medieval life. As the developers assure, this game will give you unprecedented impressions and realism in terms of real-time strategy.

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Another Brick in the Mall v0.21.1

Another Brick in the Mall Game Free Download Torrent
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Another Brick in the Mall is a shopping center simulator. Here is a large-scale economic sandbox in which you will start your way from a small store and try to grow into a huge shopping center. Your main task is profit! The higher it is, the more you can invest in a business. The more your business becomes, the more difficult it will be to manage it. Even a small defect can lead to serious financial problems. Try to think through everything carefully, and if you make mistakes, analyze them carefully and avoid them later.

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Realm of Rulers v0.20 (upd.09.02.2019)

Realm of Rulers Game Free Download Torrent
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Realm of Rulers is a first-person town-planning simulator in the fantasy Middle Ages with sandbox and survival elements. Start with the construction of a small village, take wanderers, giving them different professions of all three main professions: woodcutter, miner and farmer. This will effectively distribute responsibilities and bring maximum benefit to your developing settlement. In the game, wood, stone and iron are the main resources — adjust the prey so that your village can grow and develop. New and promising sandbox simulator, offering to take on the role of the founder of a small medieval town.

The Stillness of the Wind v1.0.7

The Stillness of the Wind Game Free Download Torrent
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The Stillness of the Wind is not just an adventure game, it is a philosophical view of life and loss. Play for no longer young Talma — the last inhabitant of a long-deserted village. Take care of the goats, cook cheese from their milk, grow vegetables, water the garden — lead an ordinary measured and calm life. Your only connection with the outside world is a wandering merchant who not only brings you letters from his relatives from the city, but also sells various goods with you. Slightly depressing, but at the same time perfectly playing the essence of life and loss game. Play for Talma — no longer the young and last woman in the village. Get up in the morning, care for goats, chickens. Cook cheese from milk, grow vegetables — lead a normal, quiet country life. All that connects you with the outside world is a merchant. He brings you letters from his family, and also trades with you in various goods.

Insanus Express v20190209

Insanus Express Game Free Download Torrent
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Insanus Express you will work in a mental hospital with insane staff. The game consists of overcoming various scenarios, trying to keep everything under control. You can always screw it up and get all crazy. Insanus Express has its key features, here all of its characters are crazy, and they have only four possible states: Doctor, Sane, Madman and Insanus. The madness of these funny madmen is passionate about humor, inspired by old and nostalgic cartoons and their funny animations. Each scenario or level has different tasks for working with psychos. Each level determines which jobs you have and where they will be located.

Timeflow Time and Money Simulator v1.7.0 (upd.09.02.2019) - SKIDROW

Timeflow Time and Money Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
Timeflow Time and money simulator is a game project presented to the world in the genre of a simulator that will allow you to acquire a number of skills in planning your time and finances. Your main goal is to translate into reality the most important place of our hero. Here you will have plenty of options to earn the largest possible amount of money, and, ultimately, to become a real millionaire. You will be able to run your own business, trying to fully develop and promote it. Or, you can devote your main time to contributions to the stock exchange, which can also bring good amounts. Moreover, you will be able to do business in the real estate market, creating large investments, selling and receiving money.

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Chasm v1.055 (upd.09.02.2019) - SiMPLEX

Chasm Game Free Download Torrent
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Chasm — a beautiful action-RPG-platformer in the style of Metroidvania with procedurally-generated levels, where you will find yourself in the role of a young recruit, who was instructed to deal with the oddities that are happening in a remote mining town. In Chasm, players will assume the role of recruit of the army of the Kingdom of Guildan, who will demonstrate his knightly qualities. The hero decides to understand the oddities in the recently closed mine, which is of great importance for the country. He will find out that after the invasion of the ancient temple people began to disappear from the workers village. According to rumors, they are abducted by supernatural beings, who came from «depths».

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